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Welcome to The Family

MegaLasers traces its roots back to the illustrious Mayan Warrior Art Car, an iconic symbol of creative expression and celebration. Born out of our love for lasers and unwavering passion for art, technology, and design, MegaLasers emerged as a business venture inspired by pure necessity.


Laser Shows

Our specialty. Stadiums, ballrooms, in a desert, and everything in between. The MegaLasers name carries 15+ years of experience providing safe and enjoyable laser shows to audiences across the United States and beyond.


Entertainment Network Architecture

Every year more fixtures, control solutions, and devices we use in live production move to IP based data links. It has become more important than ever before to have knowledgeable personnel available to design, implement, and troubleshoot increasingly complex topologies.


And More!

Alongside our laser shows we provide auxiliary production services that ensure your event runs as a well oiled machine. Click below to see how we can create something extraordinary together.

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