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Laser Rental

We offer a comprehensive equipment rental service, providing access to our extensive list of high-quality gear.


Kvant Laser Packages

Kvant Fixture lasers are widely regarded as the best in the world due to their superior build quality, cutting-edge technology, versatile applications, comprehensive control system, safety features, and the company's solid reputation for customer satisfaction. Meticulously designed and crafted with top-notch components, these lasers deliver exceptional performance, producing stunning visual effects with remarkable clarity and precision. Whether it's for concerts, festivals, or large-scale events, Kvant Fixture lasers offer unmatched versatility and reliability, making them a trusted choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Laser Rental Standard Pricing

Additional Services

Setup and Strike

In the lighting and venue industry, "setup" refers to the process of assembling and installing the lighting equipment, while "strike" involves dismantling and removing the equipment after an event. A "setup and strike fee" is a charge applied by service providers to cover the labor and time required for both the setup and removal processes. This fee ensures that skilled technicians or crew members are available to efficiently install and dismantle the lighting equipment, providing a smooth and seamless experience for clients.

MegaLaser Show Operator: 1 Night

In the laser show world, an LSO (Laser Safety Officer) is a trained professional responsible for ensuring the safe operation of laser systems during shows or events. An LSO possesses comprehensive knowledge of laser safety regulations, protocols, and practices. They oversee the setup, calibration, and safe operation of lasers while also having the capability to run the show itself. LSOs actively monitor laser usage, implement safety measures, conduct safety briefings, and maintain effective communication with the laser show team. Their expertise not only focuses on laser safety but also extends to the technical aspects of operating the laser equipment, allowing them to seamlessly execute and control the laser show, creating captivating visual experiences while prioritizing the safety of performers, audience members, and staff.

Emergency Operator 1 Night (<48 hours notice)

In the event that the operator you have hired, whether internally or externally, is unable to attend the show due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, we have a dedicated emergency backup operator available to ensure the smooth running of your event. Rest assured that our backup operator is well-trained and prepared to step in at a moment's notice, providing the necessary expertise and ensuring that your show proceeds without any interruptions or delays.

FAA Non-Termination 

Filing with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for a non-terminated outdoor laser show, where lasers are projected into the air without terminating, involves a specific and potentially costly process. This includes completing and submitting FAA Form 7711-2, the "Notice of Proposed Outdoor Laser Operations," along with a detailed laser show narrative and supporting documentation. These requirements ensure compliance with safety regulations to protect both aviation activities and spectators. It's important to note that this filing procedure is specific to outdoor shows involving lasers that do not terminate but project into the air. For accurate and up-to-date information regarding the costs and requirements of this process, it is recommended to consult the FAA's guidelines and directly contact the FAA.

Design, Programming, and Rendering

We utilize the Depence2 visualizer from Syncronorm, a powerful software that enables us to create high-quality and photorealistic representations of shows, architecture, and more. This program allows us to generate detailed visual simulations of the planned event or production. By using a customer's CAD (Computer-Aided Design) file, we can import the venue layout and incorporate various elements such as lighting fixtures, lasers, stage setup, and visual effects into the virtual environment. The result is a highly accurate representation of how the show will look before any physical setup takes place. Depence2's advanced rendering capabilities provide photo and video-realistic visuals, allowing our clients to visualize and evaluate different design options, make informed decisions, and ensure the desired aesthetic and atmosphere are achieved. This tool enhances communication and collaboration, enabling us to fine-tune the show's visuals and create a captivating experience for the audience.

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