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MegaLasers operated the award winning EPIC 5.0 Eric Prydz show on on May 27, 2017, at Victoria Park in London. Taking years to develop each EPIC show, making every version a significant upgrade from the previous one.

Perfection & Art

Harnessing live or meticulously time-coded shows, we craft a symphony of luminous and exhilarating effects tailored for events spanning intimate gatherings to grand spectacles. Our arsenal of best-in-class projectors is the quintessence of technological sophistication, ensuring that our clients are bestowed with an unparalleled visual odyssey. Additionally, our commitment to excellence transcends aesthetics; we take immense pride in upholding top-tier safety standards, assuring a seamless and awe-inspiring experience that is as secure as it is sensational. Engage with us to transform your vision into an ethereal reality that captivates and transcends the ordinary.

How it works:

MegaLasers serves The Brooklyn Mirage, an an iconic outdoor event space. Renowned for its immersive atmosphere. The venue has garnered a reputation as a hub for electronic music events, featuring performances by renowned DJs and artists from around the world. With cutting-edge sound systems and spectacular visual effects.


Go big.

No matter where you are, from a small club to an outdoor festival, we can help make a lasting impact on your audience.

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