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Skyward Bound: Unleash the Potential of Non-Terminated Laser Shows with MegaLasers

In the world of laser shows, the concept of non-termination takes the spectacle to the next level. Here at MegaLasers, we specialize in designing and executing non-terminated laser shows, where the beams are released into the open air without being stopped by a surface. This unique style of laser show creates a stunning visual experience, as the lasers streak across the sky, painting it with vibrant beams of light.

Non-terminated laser shows are not just awe-inspiring, they also signify a commitment to professionalism and adherence to regulations. Due to the potential for lasers to interfere with aviation, non-terminated shows require a special relationship with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). At MegaLasers, we take this responsibility seriously.

Our team includes Laser Safety Officers (LSOs) who are also certified pilots, providing an enhanced understanding of aviation safety requirements and adding an extra layer of precaution. We maintain direct communication with the FAA via satellite phones during the execution of non-terminated laser shows, ensuring that we adhere to all safety guidelines and flight path restrictions.

We also deploy spotters, team members responsible for monitoring the airspace during the show. They provide real-time updates and allow us to pause the show in the unlikely event of unexpected air traffic. Our meticulous approach has earned us a reputation for delivering safe, compliant, and unforgettable non-terminated laser shows.

Unleashing lasers into the night sky requires a high degree of skill, experience, and attention to safety. With MegaLasers, you're not just hiring a laser show company, you're partnering with a team of experts who are committed to delivering a skyward spectacle that's as safe as it is spectacular.

Boris Brejcha Brooklyn Mirage
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